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Latest Kitchen-Gadget News & Recipes – Daily Online Update from VFM-Gadgets

  • NMSU's Aggie Academy serves recipes for lunch, life July 31, 2021 6:31 pm Las Cruces Sun-News - New Mexico LAS CRUCES - It only took one batch of burned tostadas, and the message was clear, communication is key. New Mexico State University’s Chef Pete Mitchell shared this valuable lesson during the second week of the Aggie Academy’s Wellness Wednesday. Aggie …
  • Sweet, fluffy marshmallows — homemade or store-bought — star in these 9 recipes July 31, 2021 2:11 pm The Washington Post Of all the ways to eat marshmallows, toasted over a fire until they’re gooey and just the right amount charred is a favorite of many people. And if that’s the only acceptable strategy for you, by all means, stick to it. There are, however, plenty more …
  • Nik Sharma’s recipes for roast grape, cheese and walnut salad and lime sorbet with a Thai twist July 31, 2021 12:19 pm The Guardian I’m always amazed by the sheer variety of fruits that exist in nature, each with their own personality. This lime sorbet is robust with the sour taste of citric acid, but also has that delightful, refreshing perfume that is most welcome on a hot summer day …
  • Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for summer berries July 31, 2021 8:32 am The Guardian Are berries the only thing to which the word “glut” attached is a delight Gluttony: not good. A glut of summer berries: one of life’s great joys. Whole punnets of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries that can legitimately, and understandably, be …
  • The 10 Best Instagram Recipes From July 2021 July 31, 2021 7:29 am HuffPost Judging by July’s most-liked recipes on the HuffPost Taste Instagram account (which you should follow!), the summer heat isn’t keeping anyone out of the kitchen. Among the top recipes are a light-as-air fried chicken sandwich, pastas, salads and, of course …

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