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Search Online at VFM-Gadgets for Fixes for Energy, Water, and Pollution Problems – At Home – Outdoors – and Whilst Travelling!

Covid-19 and Lock-downs have led to the Realisation that Maybe We Have Reached a ‘Tipping-Point’ at which Far Greater Attention Must Be Paid to Health & Fitness, Working Together for the Common Good, Climate Change, and the Best Use of Natural Resources. VFM-Gadgets can help!

Some of the things we will be doing in the Future will lessen the impact of our Lives on the Environment – using Gadgets & Gear such as Bicycles instead of Cars – Solar Panels to reduce Electricity Usage – Drones that can replace delivery by road & air – Filter Systems that can Purify Water – and Materials & Methods that will lessen the Impacts of Construction and Waste on the Environment.

If you plan to Get an Old Bike back-on-the-road, why not consider using a Conversion Kit to Upgrade the Old Bike to Electric ?

Why not Make Greater Use of Mobile Solar Panels – or Install Solar Panels for Your Home – an increasing variety of Simple DIY Solutions are now available??

Further Ways to Help The Environment At Home – Simple But Smart!

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