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Covid-19 and Lock-downs have led to the Realisation that Maybe We Have Reached a ‘Tipping-Point’ at which Far Greater Attention Must Be Paid to Health & Fitness, Working Together for the Common Good, Climate Change, and the Best Use of Natural Resources. VFM-Gadgets can help!

Why not Try-Out Smaller Mobile Solar Panels – Before Considering Full Installation of Solar Panels for Your Home – as an increasing variety of Simple DIY Panels are now available – with Shipment by Fast Free Delivery from Warehouses in the US, EU, RF, and AU.

Search Online at for Energy, Water, and Pollution Fixes – At Home – Outdoors – and Whilst Travelling! Great Prices – Affordable – and Fast Free Delivery from Regional Warehouses in the US and EU – TAKE THOSE FIRST STEPS TODAY!!

100W Foldable Solar Panels for the Home

Some of the things we will be doing in the Future will lessen the impact of our Lives on the Environment – using Gadgets & Gear such as Bicycles instead of Cars – Solar Panels to reduce Electricity Usage – Drones that can replace delivery by road & air – Filter Systems that can Purify Water – and Materials & Methods that will lessen the Impacts of Construction and Waste on the Environment.

If you plan to Get an Old Bike back-on-the-road, why not consider using a Conversion Kit to Upgrade the Old Bike to Electric ?

Further Ways to Help The Environment At Home – Simple But Smart!


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