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12 Pieces Survival Emergency Medical First Aid Kit

Smart Gadgets can Solve Problems and Get Better Results!

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How to Stop Virus Transmission – Protect Yourself, Family, & Friends – and Comply with Current Local Regulations!

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New Arrivals Include:

An inexpensive Power Bank – the latest North Edge Smartwatch – Bedside Table Fans (see Right) that do more than just cool air – a 2-in-1 Gaming Tablet – a Camera Quadracopter – and a Handheld Gimbal for your Camerawork.

Personal Consumer Electronics that Make Life Easier’ include!!:

Inexpensive Useful Gadgets such as Credit Card Sized Card Phones – a Flip-Phone for Seniors with Larger Keys – Bedside Table Fans (see Right) – an Oximeter to Monitor yourBlood-Oxygen Levels – and Many Other Useful Personal Consumer Electronics can always be viewed @

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & Home Teaching have All Grown in Popularity during Lockdown:

As more people turn Hobbies into small Home Businesses – and switch to Home Teaching – Montessori Learning Toys have been added to the Arts & Crafts Category at

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