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There Are Ways & Means to Add-to the Capabilities & Comforts of Your Car:

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The Back-Seating Area can be converted to Overnight Bedding for longer journeys – or a Safe Way to Carry Pets whilst at the same time Protecting Upholstery – and that area can also be Kept Tidy with Storage Gadgets fitted to the back of front-seats. And it is always handy to have Gadgets that can help deal with crises – such as Scratches in the Paintwork or Soft/Flat Tyres whilst out-and-about!

Electronic Gadgets can also Keep You Safe whilst Travelling:

Blind-Spot Detectors will help you to avoid accidents when overtaking – or being overtaken – by other cars – GPS Positioning will ensure that you find the best route to your destination – whilst ‘Heads-Up’ Display on the windscreen will help ‘keep-your-eyes-on-the-road-ahead’ at all times.

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